Wound Care at a Glance PDF

Wound Care at a Glance PDF

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Wound care management continues to develop, requiring the nurse to respond to the needs of people as well as responding to the many technological advances being made. Th is is a dynamic and ever changing field. Th e nurse needs to keep up to date with regards to wound care in order to ensure that care provision is safe and effective.
Sustaining a wound that requires the needs of a nurse or healthcare provider who is conversant with wound care can occur to people across their lifespan, from all socioeconomic backgrounds and is prevalent in all care specialities and communities. The breakdown of skin can have a considerable impact on an individual, the individual’s family and society, physically, psychologically and economically. Th ere is a high probability that the person’s health and wellbeing will be affected should they experience an adverse problem with skin integrity.
Successful advancement of the wound-healing discipline depends on effective integration of scientific discoveries and wound care practices. Th e science of wound healing is heavily interdisciplinary in nature.
Keeping abreast with the latest developments in the science of wound care can be a overwhelming task. Wound Care at a Glance is a compilation of key issues regarding wound care that nurses will find useful in ensuring that the patient is at the centre of all they do. Th is book, in line with the At A Glance series, provides an accessible yet comprehensive discussion of key issues for nurses and other health care professionals helping them build on their knowledge and understanding of wound care with the overall aim of encouraging the reader to off er safe, effective and patient- centred care.
Th e book has been divided into six parts beginning with the history of wound care, the anatomy and physiology, the normal and abnormal healing process. Th e section in the book on wound management in practice describes the assessment of skin and the classification of wounds; in this section chapters are dedicated to the ethico-legal aspects of wound care along with treatment options and pain management. Dressing selection is a complex process and requires the nurse to bring together knowledge and understanding of the person and the myriad dressings available. Chapters that consider dressing selection and the factors that need to be taken into account when choosing an appropriate wound care product are discussed; there is an emphasis throughout on ensuring that individual needs are met. Th e final section of the text considers wound care complexities and discusses a range of situations that the nurse may face.

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wound care at a glance
wound care at a glance pdf
wound care at a glance pdf free download


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