Units of Measurements

A list of common units used in the reporting of our assays has been defined. Refer to the table for these units as well as the recommended report abbreviations.

Unit of Measure Recommended Report Abbreviation
% binding % binding
% bound % bound
% conversion % conver
% excretion % excret
% Fat % fat
% hemoglobin % Hb
% hemolysis % hemol
% index % index
% inhibition % inhib
% live % live
% neg control % neg ctrl
% Normal % norm
% normal control % norm ctrl
% of normal % norm
% of total % total
% positive % pos
% ppt (percent precipitate) % ppt
% reactivity % react
% total % total
% total Cholesterol % total chol
% total Hemoglobin % total Hb
% volume % vol
(x10)6 x10(6)
/24 hours /24 h
/day /24 h
/high power field /hpf
/low power field /lpf
/microliter /mcL
/specimen /spec
10(3)/microliter 10(3)/mcL
10(6)/microliter 10(6)/mcL
10(-7) mole/Liter 10(-7)mol/L
a ratio ratio
ABR units ABR unit
ABR Units ABR unit
Am.U/L Am U/L
Antibody Response Unit ABR
at term at term
bands (chromosome tests) bands
C2H50 U/mL C2H50 U/mL
cells cells
centimeter cm
centipoises cpoise
cholesterol chol
cm H2O cm H2O
copies/microliter copies/uL
Copies/milliliter copies/mL
creatinine (not referenced in reporting title) Cr or Creat
Dalton(s) Da
day(s) d
deciliter dL
degrees (angle measurements) degrees
degrees Celsius deg C
delta Optical Density delta OD
disintegrations per minute disintegrations/min
dose(s) dose
EIA units EIA unit
events events
Examples found in LIS/RLS/CTS Correct Symbol
femtoliter fL
femtomole fmol
GPL Units GPL unit
gram(s) g
gram/100 mL g/dL
gram/210 Liters g/210 L
hemoglobin Hb
hour(s) h
hr,min h,min
Index index
international units IU
international Units /gram Hemoglobin IU/g Hb
international units/24 Hours IU/24 h
IU/10(13) Cells IU/10(13)cells
kilodalton kDa
kilogram kg
KU/Hour kU/h
KU/Liter kU/L
Liter L
liter L
mEq/30′ mEq/30 min
mEq/L mEq/L
mg every 6hours mg q6h
mg Hb/gram mg Hb/g
mg/100 mL mg/dL
mg/2 hours mg/2 h
mg/dL RBC mg/dL RBC
mg/kg/24 hour mg/kg/24 h
mg/kg/day mg/kg/d
mg/specimen mg/spec
micro Unit mcU
microEquivalent mcEq
microgram AHG Eq/mL mcg AHG Eq/mL
microgram Eq/mL mcgEq/mL
microgram Equivalent mcgEq
microgram N/dL mcg N/dL
microgram T4/dL mcg T4/dL
microgram(s) mcg
microgram/g dry weight mcg/g dry wt
microgram/kilogram 6hour mcg/kg/6 h
micrograms mcg
microInternational Units micro IU
microliter mcL
micromole mcmol
micromole/gram tissue mcmol/g tissue
microUnit/milliliter mcU/mL
milli IU/Liter milli IU/L
milliequivalent mEq
milligram mg
milliinternational units mIU
milliliter mL
milliliter of cells mL of cells
millimeter mm
millimeter duration mm duration
millimeter H2O mm H2O
millimole mmol
milliosmole mOsm
milliunits mU
minute(s) min
mL/min/1.73m2 mL/min/BSA
ml/min/SA ml/min/BSA
mL/min/Surface Area ml/min/BSA
mm Hg (millimeter Mercury) mm Hg
mol/L(-7) mol/10(-7)L
mole moles
MOM- multiple of the median MoM
nanogram ng
nanometer nm
nanomole nmol
ng % ng/dL
nmol/dL glomerular filtrate nmol/dL GF
optical density OD
parts per million ppm
percent %
pg pg
pH pH
picogram(s) pg
picomole pmol
pounds lbs
protein prot
ratio ratio
Relative Units RU
Score of score
second(s) sec
stimulating index S.I.
surface area 1.73m(2) or BSA
thou cpm (thousand counts per minute) thou cpm
thousand thou
threshold threshold
titer titer
torr torr
Total/Mechanical Tot/Mec
TSI index TSI index
U/10(10) U/10(10)
U/10(10)cells U/10(10) cell
uLEq/mL mcLEq/mL
unit(s) U
Units U
V/V (volume/volume) vol/vol
vial(s) vial(s)
volume % vol %
week(s) wk
Weeks,Days wk,d
x 10(12)/L 10(12)/L
x 10(9)/L 10(9)/L
x10(12)/L 10(12)/L
x10(3)/microrliter x10(3)/mcL
x10(6) 10(6)
year(s) yr

Source: http://www.mayomedicallaboratories.com/test-catalog/appendix/measurement.html