Tropical Medicine Lecture Notes 7th Edition PDF

Tropical Medicine Lecture Notes 7th Edition PDF

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It is now over 30 years since the first edition of Lecture Notes in Tropical Medicine appeared (1981). Th is was entirely conceived and written by Dr Dion Bell, Reader and Honorary Consultant Physician at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. The book rapidly became very popular both in the United Kingdom and the tropics. Dion was one of the greatest tropical clinicians and teachers of his time; and he wrote Lecture Notes in a practical, authoritative and entertaining style. Two more editions followed over the next few years, again entirely self-written, and the book became a classic of its type, and required reading for doctors taking the DTM&H (Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene) diploma at either the Liverpool or London tropical schools.
By the time of the 4th edition in 1994, the spectrum of tropical disease had expanded considerably (particularly with the emergence of HIV/AIDS), and in view of this other authors from the Liverpool School became involved to cover specific topics. After this edition, Dion retired and later sadly died. It has been a privilege for us to take over editorship of this important project. In the 5th edition, we continued and expanded the principle of multi-authorship, but ensured that all writers had practical experience of their topics, and that they were either staff or associated teachers or examiners of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. For this edition we also introduced syndromic chapters on subjects such as fever, splenomegaly, skin disease etc. New chapters were also added on emerging problems such as refugee health and non-communicable diseases (NCDs).
In the 6th edition, a chapter on nutritional syndromes was added, and a mental health section was added to the NCD chapter. Th e layout of the book changed, with a move to colour text and incorporation of clinical images throughout the chapters instead of being placed on separate colour plates in the centre of the book. In the current 7th edition, all chapters have been updated, particularly important with rapidly evolving topics such as malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. New chapters on tropical ophthalmology and neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) have been added, and we welcome on board the authors of these chapters – respectively Malcolm Kerr-Muir and David Molyneux. We have tried to retain the emphasis on practical issues of importance at the bedside and in the clinic. Two exciting developments for this edition are that an electronic version will be available, and also that a set of online multiple-choice questions (MCQs) for each chapter have been written with explanatory answers. For this project we are very grateful to Dr Dom Colbert. We believe that both these innovations will greatly enhance the availability and educational experience of the book. A final change for the 7th edition is that though the editorial team remains the same as in the last two editions (Geoff Gill and Nick Beeching), the lead editor role has moved from Geoff Gill to Nick Beeching.
Finally, as well as continuing the style and philosophy of the book, we have continued the financial arrangements with the publishers begun by Dion Bell in 1981. No author or editor has ever accepted payment, and all royalties are given directly to a fund held at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. Th is is used to award bursaries to Liverpool medical students undertaking elective periods in tropical countries.
We hope that this new edition is useful to both students and practitioners of medicine in the tropics. As always, we welcome any comments and criticisms.

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