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Transplantation at a Glance PDF

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The early attempts at transplantation in the first half of the 20th century were limited by technical challenges and ignorance of the immune response. Half a century later, with an appreciation of some aspects of human immunology, the first successful renal transplant was performed between identical twins. From these beginnings transplantation has progressed from being an experimental treatment available to a few, to a thriving discipline providing life-changing treatment for many. Its power to dramatically transform the quality and quantity of life continues to capture and inspire those involved at all levels of care. Transplantation is a truly multidisciplinary specialty where input from physicians, surgeons, tissue-typists, nurses, coordinators and many others is required in the provision of optimal care. It is also a rapidly moving discipline in which advances in surgical technique and immunological knowledge are constantly being used to improve outcomes. As a newcomer to the field, the breadth of knowledge required can appear bewildering, and it is with this in mind that we have written Transplantation at a Glance. We hope that in this short, illustrated text we have provided the reader with a succinct, yet comprehensive overview of the most important aspects of transplantation. The book is designed to be easily read and to rapidly illuminate this exciting subject. We have long felt that many aspects of transplantation are best conveyed by diagrammatic or pictorial representation, and it was this conviction that led to the creation of Transplantation at a Glance. In particular, the two fundamentals of transplantation, basic immunology and surgical technique, are best learned through pictures. For those approaching transplantation without a significant background in immunology or the manifestations of organ failure, we have provided an up-to-date, crash course that allows the understanding of concepts important in transplantation so that subsequent chapters can be easily mastered. For those without a surgical background, the essential operative principles are simply summarised. Most importantly, throughout the text we have aimed to provide a practical and clinically relevant guide to transplantation which we hope will assist those wishing to rapidly familiarise themselves with the field, regardless of background knowledge.

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transplantation at a glance
transplantation at a glance pdf
transplantation at a glance pdf free download


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