Thyroid Disorders Basic Science and Clinical Practice PDF

Thyroid Disorders Basic Science and Clinical Practice PDF

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Endocrinology is the study of one of the most exciting hormonal diseases covering a plethora of information on thyroid disorders, which are among the most prevalent of medical conditions. In general population, the prevalence of thyroid dysfunction ranges from 1 to 10 %. In the United Kingdom, 1–2 % of the adult population is found to have thyroid disorders. It is interesting to note that thyroxine is the sixth most commonly prescribed drug in Scotland.
Virtually all studies report higher prevalence of thyroid diseases in women and mostly with those undergoing advancing age.
The incidence of thyroid disorders has been increasing with time and varies between localities. Their manifestations vary considerably from area to area and are determined principally by the availability of iodine in the diet. Almost onethird of the world’s population lives in areas of iodine deficiency. Populations living particularly in remote mountainous areas in South-East Asia, Latin America, and Central Africa risk more of suffering from this disease.
Globally, wherever population lives in iodine-deficient regions, due to the suboptimal amount of iodine intake from the natural sources such as sea vegetables, potatoes, cranberries, etc., the prevalence of hypothyroidism is higher than in iodine-efficient regions. It is important to note that most persons with thyroid disorders have one or more autoimmune disease such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, primary atrophic hypothyroidism, and thyrotoxicosis caused by Graves’ disease. Moreover, suppressed thyroid-stimulating hormone levels have been associated with decreased bone density and with an increased risk of atrial fibrillation and premature atrial beat. It has been known for decades that overt hypothyroidism contributes to elevated serum cholesterol levels and cardiovascular risk, and recent studies suggest this may also be true with subclinical hypothyroidism. Abnormal thyroid functions have important public health concerns.
Medical researches on thyroid diseases have been persistently reporting, in a wide range of journals and literatures, materials relevant to endocrinology, pediatrics, nuclear medicine, and surgery, making it more challenging for clinicians to keep abreast of new developments. Therefore, the objective of this publication is to provide an updated review on thyroid gland and its functional impairments and to highlight the recent trends in the management of thyroid diseases. Pregnancy-related thyroid disorders are also covered in this book.
The Contents list can basically be divided into three sections: Part I providing the basic information on thyroid glands, Part II largely focusing on important and common thyroid dysfunctions and their clinical management, and Part III addressing thyroid dysfunction during pregnancy, a commonly ignored area.
The book on thyroid disorders is meant to be read by a wide range of readers including physicians, endocrinologists, dietitians, researchers, industries involved in developing and manufacturing thyroid drugs, postgraduate and undergraduate medical students, and may help to update knowledge of nonspecialist in the diagnosis and management of thyroid diseases.
The editors are certain that this book will provide core basic and clinical knowledge to all those who are attached with the health care and also involve in managing various kinds of diseases related to thyroid disorders. We hope that appropriate diagnosis and clinical application of the basic and advance knowledge provided in this book would ultimately benefit patients.

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