The Everything Guide to Anatomy and Physiology PDF

The Everything Guide to Anatomy and Physiology PDF

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Human anatomy and physiology are the fascinating studies of human form and function. In many ways, the form is the function. However, cells, tissues, and organs are often intricately organized to facilitate many functions simultaneously. In this book, all of the processes and structures of the human body will be explained. (Many of the complex biochemical processes will be simplified for easier understanding.)
The human body has always amazed mankind. Early scientific drawings and diagrams demonstrate the long-standing fascination with the body. Even cave drawings and later hieroglyphics illustrate that man was aware of the complex machine that was his body. In many ways, you may very well view the body as an overly complex device, and feel overwhelmed at the amount of detail that must be absorbed when studying it. However, by starting with a solid foundation on which to build a more detailed understanding, anyone can master the human body.
Understanding the body one system at a time is an important part of the organization of this book. This organization will help you gain knowledge slowly and effectively. At the same time, it is also important not to lose sight of how each system works relative to the overall view of the body: the big picture. This is not unlike putting together a puzzle. The picture on the front of the box is the guide for completion; however, individual pieces are placed together based on similarities in color, design, and shape into a small portion of the puzzle that you will build upon.
As with most of the biological sciences, the deductive approach to understanding anatomy and physiology is one of the most exciting aspects of learning about this topic. You are already intimately familiar with the sensations and many of the workings of your body; this book will explain their causes and purposes to you.
In The Everything Guide to Anatomy and Physiology, you will find examples that will bring these points into focus and will build upon your understanding and experience with the human body. You will also find many real-life examples in this book that will simplify your understanding of a myriad of intricate biochemical processes or complex biological designs. You will also find many questions that will cause you to think about this topic from a simple, but important, perspective.

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