Textbook of Anatomy 2nd Edition Volume 3 PDF

Textbook of Anatomy 2nd Edition Volume 3 PDF

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It is with great pleasure that I express my gratitude to all students and teachers who appreciated, used, and recommended the first edition of this book. It is because of their support that the book was reprinted three times since its first publication in 2009.
The huge success of this book reflects appeal of its clear, unclustered presentation of the anatomical text supplemented by perfect simple line diagrams, which could be easily drawn by students in the exam and clinical correlations providing the anatomical, embryological, and genetic basis of clinical conditions seen in day-to-day life in clinical practice.
Based on a large number of suggestions from students and fellow academicians, the text has been extensively revised. Many new line diagrams and halftone figures have been added and earlier diagrams have been updated.
I greatly appreciate the constructive suggestions that I received from past and present students and colleagues for improvement of the content of this book. I do not claim to absolute originality of the text and figures other than the new mode of presentation and expression.
Once again, I whole heartedly thank students, teachers, and fellow anatomists for inspiring me to carry out the revision. I sincerely hope that they will find this edition more interesting and useful than the previous one. I would highly appreciate comments and suggestions from students and teachers for further improvement of this book.

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