Textbook of Dental and Oral Histology with Embryology and MCQs 2nd Edition PDF

Textbook of Dental and Oral Histology

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It is with immense pleasure and satisfaction that we present the second edition of book for use by the students, researchers and practitioners in dental sciences. Thorough knowledge of basic sciences is very essential for a more rationale foundation of clinical procedures.
The book has been designed in such a way that the students, teachers, research scholars and practitioners will get full and clear mental picture of the subject. To achieve this high quality colored and labeled photomicrographs have been given along with elaborate well-labeled schematic diagrams.
Almost all the figures have been improved and have been made multicolored to make them more clear and easy to understand. A new chapter, ‘Introduction to oral and dental tissues’ have been added to facilitate easy and clear understanding of the subject matter by the beginners. The chapter on development and growth has been enlarged to include the development of palate, maxilla, mandible and tongue in detail.
The importance of molecular biological aspects including gene therapy and tissue engineering which regulate the structure, functions, healing and rebuilding the oral and dental tissues have been included. These will be very useful for future managements of oral and dental diseases. The subject matter has been made very clear, by easy and lucid language and fully-labeled colored figures. At a glance all figures make subject matter very clear.
There is an increasing trend for giving MCQs in the regular university examination question papers of BDS course. In some of the universities it has been made compulsory to include a part in the question paper on MCQs. For the benefit of the students of such universities and for the students appearing for various competitive examinations more than 450 multiple choice questions with answers on every topic have been included. Plenty of MCQs on recent advances have been added. For the benefit of the clinicians, clinical considerations have been added at the end of the chapters.
It is hoped that this book will be extremely useful for undergraduate and postgraduate students, teachers, researchers and clinicians. Our aim has been to provide a high quality book-cum-atlas on the subject. Your suggestions for further improvements are most welcome.

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