Swanton’s Cardiology 6th Edition PDF

Swanton’s Cardiology 6th Edition PDF


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I am delighted and very grateful that Dr Shrilla Banerjee has agreed to become a co-author of the sixth edition of this cardiology handbook. Her enthusiasm, knowledge and ideas have proved invaluable.
It is hoped that the book will be of practical help to doctors, nurses and cardiac scientific officers confronted by typical management problems in the cardiac patient. As a practical guide it is necessarily dogmatic and much information is given in list format or in tables, especially in the sections dealing with drug therapy.
Some subjects in cardiology are often not well covered in clinical training and it is hoped that some sections will help fill any gaps in doctors’ or nurses’ clinical course, e.g. sections on congenital heart disease, pacing and cardiac investigations. In addition, scientific officers and technical staff should find that the clinical side of cardioloy covered here complements their technical training. And we hope that anaesthetists and intensive care unit physicians will find the book of value.
Since the publication of the fifth edition 4 years ago there have been enormous advances in many aspects of cardiology and we have tried to highlight these. Many sections have been extensively revised, and in particular those on the cardiomyopathies, coronary disease, heart failure, echocardiography and the heart in systemic disease. For ease of access the book now has 17 chapters. The rhythm section has been split into two: bradycardias, pacing, implantable cardioverter defibrillators and pacing for heart failure are dealt with in one chapter, and tachycardias and ablation in another. There is a new, badly needed chapter on pregnancy in patients with heart disease. A summary of the At a Glance Guide for driving in the UK for patients with heart disease is now included in appendix 6 by kind agreement of the DVLA. It should be remembered that the full guidance is updated on their website every 6 months.
In response to suggestions we are now able to include many more figures and illustrations and we hope that these will increase the appeal of the book without significantly increasing its bulk or expense. With regret we have still decided not to have a separate section on nuclear cardiology but have included its use in diagnosis where relevant.

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