Surgery Essence 3rd Edition PDF

Surgery Essence 3rd Edition PDF

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I thought writing the preface for the third time would be an easier job but it is actually a lot tougher because now you already know me very well. This brings many responsibilities with it, the most important of which is to keep the students satisfied.
I can proudly say that all my students have contributed a lot to get me to this place, where I am today. They have helped me in becoming a better teacher, a better author and most importantly a better human being. I take this opportunity to thank all of you. The happiness you all give me keeps me telling always to work harder to bring a positive change in the life of my students. This will be reflected in the pages of this book. I always strive to provide a winning edge to my students.
Higher education has become necessary, as graduation alone is found inadequate in this highly competitive and dynamic world. Trends in the way the questions are being asked are changing continuously. I am pleased to present this edition of Surgery Essence replete with new trends in the field of surgery. The recent questions and their concepts have been highlighted and have been written in a way that will help the students to remember and reproduce them in the examination hall. The information provided is cogent but concise to save the precious time, as we all know the clock is ticking. Time is one thing that can never be recovered once gone. Be careful!
I am passionate about excellence. Excellence in the field of education and in my efforts to groom my students to make them confident enough, that they lose the fear of failure. In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.
PG entrance examination has made the medical world very competitive and has made it imperative for students to acquire all the skills and competencies to deliver results. My aim as an author is to provide students with a learning experience which when amalgamated with perseverance and commitment helps them in achieving goals.
I still am not sure about one thing that who is more happy when a student achieves something, the student or the teacher, but I am very sure that the teacher is more satisfied when he sees his students achieving what they deserve and desire. I am working day and night to get that satisfaction and you have to work equally hard so that you do not let me down.
I always tell my students to dream big but not while sleeping. When you dream of moon, you will at least fall amongst stars. But these dreams should always be accompanied with intelligence and hard work. To guide you work intelligently this book and the author, both are there with you throughout the year. But the hard work is totally in your hands. Accept responsibility for your life. Know it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else.
I believe that all my students should know the importance of challenges. Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. For the time being the only challenge that you should be facing is to secure a good rank in the entrance exam. One of the most important keys to success is having the discipline to do what you know you should do, even when you do not feel like doing it. Nobody ever wrote down a plan to be broke, lazy or stupid. These things happen when you do not have a plan.

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