Surgery for Cochlear and Other Auditory Implants 1st Edition PDF

Surgery for Cochlear and Other Auditory Implants

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This comprehensive, high-level surgical reference and atlas is tailored for surgeons who are undertaking training for cochlear implant procedures and implantable auditory devices and for experienced surgeons who would like to expand their knowledge, improve their skills and outcomes, and learn advanced surgical techniques.
Following the principle underlying Professor Sanna’s other successful publications, Surgery for Cochlear and Other Auditory Implants takes an integrated approach to anatomy, imaging, technology, decision making, surgical procedures described step by step, and clinical cases.

This book allows readers to:

Improve the effciency and outcomes of cochlear implantation and other auditory implant surgeries

Learn the required basic and advanced surgical techniques

Evaluate different surgical options and types of implants

Review common and uncommon variations of anatomy and malformations

Understand issues and surgical modifications unique to pediatric cochlear implantation, to revision surgery, and in postmeningitis,otosclerosis, and NF2 cases

Find decision-making algorithms for difficult pathologies

Examine common and not so common intraoperative dilemmas and identify strategies to resolve them

Review preoperative assessment and set up and outcomes

Find out about classification systems in cochlear implant failure, malformations, otosclerosis, and post meningitis

Supplementing the 1200 images within the book are 15 outstanding videos available on Thieme’s Media Center demonstrating the implantation of the different cochlear implantation devices that are currently available and the application of brain stem implants in these situations: tumor removal, malformation (missing auditory nerve in children), and cochlear ossification.

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