Succeeding in the MRCGP CSA PDF – Common Scenarios and Revision Notes for the Clinical Skills Assessment

Succeeding in the MRCGP CSA PDF


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This book will hopefully be a useful aid to helping you overcome one of the biggest hurdles in obtaining your MRCGP which you will need in order to qualify as a GP. Whilst this book will mostly be applicable to GP ST3s, it will still be valuable to GP trainees at any stage in their training.
It is important to realize from the beginning that there is no one single book that can be solely used to pass the CSA exam. As you will have heard many times before, you will learn much more from your patients than you will from any textbook. Therefore, the best exam practice you will ever get is by seeing plenty of patients in your own clinics, learning from the wide
variety of problems that they present with and by reflecting on how your consultations went. Passing the CSA will mean that you can communicate effectively with patients, understand their problems, address their concerns and produce mutually agreed management plans.
Whilst this book could never promise to teach you everything about every medical condition, the main strength of this book lies in the fact that it will help give you a structured, generalized approach that you can apply to any case that you may see in clinic or, indeed, in the CSA exam! In addition, you will also have two CSA circuits worth of cases to role-play and to think about how you would tackle them. There are also helpful suggestions under each of the domains you will be assessed on for each case along with useful phrases to help you explore and discuss difficult issues with patients.

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