SRB’s Bedside Clinics in Surgery PDF

SRB’s Bedside Clinics in Surgery PDF

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It is observed that students, especially undergraduates, often find difficult to prepare themselves for clinical examination after theory papers. They need to know basic clinical methods with relevant discussion of the specific cases; X-ray discussion; surgical specimens; instruments; basic operative procedures and principles. Keeping this in mind, this book SRB’s Bedside Clinics in Surgery has been brought out to go through quickly prior to clinical examinations. This is also useful to surgical residents and postgraduates, especially for instruments and surgical pathology, which are of great importance to them.
Many a times, students need to refer to SRB’s Manual of Surgery, 3rd edition (whenever required) and other specific books for detailed theory aspects of many topics. I hope this book will earn its value in its own way in student circle.
I thank everybody including publishers who are backbone of this title. Any criticisms are well accepted.

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