Simplified Interpretation of Pacemaker ECGs PDF

Simplified Interpretation of Pacemaker ECGs PDF

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It was 12 years ago that I began working in my first job out of college as a clinical pacemaker research engineer at Beth Israel Medical Center in Newark, NJ. Not having much experience with ECG interpretation I was given a basic text to read and learn. Soon after that I was ready to begin learning pacemaker ECG interpretation, and was surprised to find out that a similar basic text solely dedicated to pacemaker ECGs did not exist. Instead I was given technical manuals, proprietary ‘‘learning manuals’’ from various pacemaker manufacturers, and a pacemaker with a heart rhythm simulator to work with. For an engineer these were not difficult to use and understand.
Having since gone to medical school and trained as an internist, cardiologist, and now cardiac electrophysiologist, I have found that this lack of a basic pacemaker ECG interpretation text still exists. This book intends to change that. It has been written with a few thoughts in mind: ‘‘what would I have wanted in my hands when I was just beginning to learn pacemaker ECGs?’’ and ‘‘keep it as simple as possible so that not only an engineer, but also nurses, technicians, and even physicians can follow.’’ I have attempted to concentrate on the ideas that I found best in my experience. As such, there is an enormous emphasis placed on knowing a few basic parameters of the pacemaker system and their relation to the patient’s native heart rate and integrity of conduction from atrium to ventricle. The book requires that one already have a working knowledge of basic non-pacemaker ECG interpretation. Once studied, even fairly difficult pacemaker ECGs should be appropriately interpreted.

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