Sarrafian’s Anatomy of the Foot and Ankle 3rd Edition PDF – Descriptive, Topographic, Functional

Sarrafian’s Anatomy of the Foot and Ankle 3rd Edition PDF

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Over my past 30 years of practice in orthopedics, the subspecialty of foot and ankle has grown in leaps and bounds. Functional and applied anatomy remain the foundation for the clinician for physical exam, analysis, and treatment correlating topographic, cross-sectional, and surgical anatomy is essential.
I have known Dr. Sarrafi an since I was a child. As a junior medical student he was influential in directing my career toward orthopedics. I remember seeing him dissect fresh specimens meticulously and with precision prior to the first edition in 1983. It was one of the most valuable references for a young orthopedist. By the second edition (1993) he expounded on functional anatomy and supported the functional concept of MacConaill. The foot is seen as the lamina pedis loaded by the tibiotalar column and converted into a loose pack or close pack unit through external or internal rotation of the column.
Unfortunately, the second edition went out of print. Future generations would not be exposed to this wealth of information. On Christmas Eve in 2006—while I was carving a roast—he asked me to help him edit and revise Anatomy of the Foot and Ankle. Without hesitation or a second thought I accepted. We set forth to update the first 10 chapters (Part I) with pertinent international literature from 1992 through 2008. Special attention was paid to Chapter 10 to emphasize the lamina pedis changes throughout the gait cycle.
Four additional chapters (Part II) were added relative to applied anatomy. Normal arthroscopic anatomy, radiology, and angiosomes are emphasized and correlated.
We hope the third edition will aid the clinician—whether diagnostician, radiologist, regional anesthesiologist, or surgeon—in the application of anatomic basics to the treatment of the foot and ankle. As Dr. Sarrafi an has taught me well after his retirement, one needs to “water his mind with knowledge to allow it to grow.”

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