Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally The Step-by-Step Guide PDF

Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally The Step-by-Step Guide PDF

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A QUESTION THAT I have often been asked is, “Why are you writing a book on this subject?” For the average healthy person, there are far more so-called “in” topics to choose from, illnesses that are consistently in the forefront of the news media. But from a personal and professional perspective, I am all too aware of the many health issues which serve as inhibiting factors in regards to gastrointestinal diseases, all of which influence a person’s healing process. As a practicing holistic doctor and author, there is a great need for a comprehensive book which also addresses the underlying concepts of these illnesses, and how to gain momentum in the healing process.
I want to teach my readers as I have taught my patients, explaining how the condition manifests and how the body works. Being proactive and taking part in the healing process is part of the learning process, the first step of which is realizing that their health problem is not restricted to the symptoms of their disease.
For this reason, the contents of this book include the main areas of imbalances, as well as common testing problems. For example, the body cannot produce sufficient energy when key organs and glands, such as the adrenals and thyroid, are functioning at far less than optimum levels. These glands, along with their amino acids and hormones, affect our mood-enhancing brain chemicals, coping skills, metabolism, circulation and energy output.
Traditional medicine does not offer information on how to nutritionally support the body or these glands. Being that thyroid testing is less than adequate, I have expanded on the latest testing methods to help you understand this process and better protect yourself against misinformation.
It cannot be ignored that one of the main inhibitors to good health is the patient themselves. Even after learning how best to protect their health, people still cling to their old ways and habits. The hope is that at some point, many of these individuals will wake up to the fact that it is up to them to take action and apply these lifestyle changes and treatment therapies, which are designed to return them to a time when they were happy with their life and health.
Early on in my practice, I recognized the need for information that would prevent the onset of health problems, as well as viable solutions to put people back into the driver’s seat of their own health. I began writing for local papers, magazines and other publications. For several years I was prompted by patients, staff and those who were aware of my work to write a book on how to treat the chronic conditions of gut diseases. Having dedicated my life to continued education and the sharing of knowledge to promote good health, my goal is to truly help people on their journey to better health, regardless of their health challenge. Whether patients are suffering with diabetes, heart disease, cancer, ADHD, autism, or gut dysbiosis as found in this book, my intention is to introduce them to safe options when dealing with health issues, and to help them live longer and happier lives.
I encourage all of my patients and friends to pass along what they have learned about supporting the body and its balance. In addition, I seek to share the alternative of complementary medicine and therapies for all the many commonly prescribed medications. For example, for those who suffer from depression, anxiety, pain and inflammation, there are several natural, effective solutions that do not produce side effects. And all of this is besides the escalated need for viral and superbug remedies that are both safe and effective. The need for such information is widespread, and is in fact reaching a critical point in modern society.
The general public cannot fathom the health care costs for the treatment of digestive system disorders. Besides the question of fiscal expense, the day to day difficulty of managing a busy lifestyle, all the while feeling hampered in every direction you turn, takes its own toll. If you have ever been involved in the life of someone who is actually coping with a debilitiating condition, you will understand why all they want is to be normal.
The information in this publication embraces the whole body and all aspects of gut dysbiosis. A diet plan could help to suppress many of the gut-wrenching symptoms caused by gut disease, but if the person is still suffering with chronic depression, for example, they cannot be said to be fully healed. There must be balance in all areas of the person’s life. With balance comes the ability to direct and steer one’s own path; the opportunity not to be a bystander, watching life pass them by.
Our research and health sciences are consistently making incredible strides and advances in the areas of cell biology and environmental sciences, including phytochemistry. Of particular interest to me, at least, are the new discoveries being made regarding special properties in plants that offer tremendous nutritional and medicinal value. And yet I virtually never see any of these wonderful discoveries in the news media or in the weekly papers.
As a society, we have gone from having muscle aches and pains, brought on by a hard day’s work, to having multiple diseases at far younger ages, in what should be the prime of our life. It isn’t uncommon for me to see a patient that has several diseases or health complaints.
I learned at a young age that the state of our nutrition affects how we feel. I was exposed to completely life-changing diseases in family members. I have also learned just how little people know about what their body requires, on a nutritional level, to maintain peak performance. It wasn’t hard to see the effects of certain medications and a lifetime of bad habits, coupled with inadequate nutrition. These outcomes are sadly very predictable.
When explaining a patient’s condition, and the way it manifested through stages of disruption and imbalance, the same scenarios repeat themselves. The patient is informed about the real need for their involvement in the healing process, making them aware of what it will take to fully reverse their condition and return them to health. The more compromised one’s health situation, the more attention is required in all areas of body weaknesses and lifestyle, including diet and any habits that could otherwise sabotage your success.
So, what is needed to help avoid these scenarios continuing to repeat themselves? First and foremost, education, preferably during our academic years, is needed to provide us with a good baseline on how to feed our bodies, so our body’s systems can rebuild, repair and function optimally. Hopefully in time this much needed knowledge will be brought to the forefront of our medical institutions and educational systems. Until then, awareness and quality information is accessible only through the work of publishers that have dedicated their livelihoods to providing information enabling alternate lifestyle choices and alternative treatment solutions to assist people in reclaiming their health. Authors and practitioners owe an immense debt of gratitude to publishers like Hatherleigh Press for their commitment to a better environment, healthier food choices and the freedom to choose your health care modality, so that future generations may benefit from their efforts.

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