Regional Opioid Analgesia Volume 20 PDF
Physiopharmacological Basis, Drugs, Equipment and Clinical Application

Regional Opioid Analgesia Volume 20 PDF

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It is, indeed, a distinct honor and privilege to be invited by the authors to write a preface to this monumental monograph, Regional Opioid Analgesia.
Regional Opioid Analgesia is a colossal undertaking by Drs. De Castro, Meynadier and Zenz shortly after the introduction of this revolutionary approach to pain relief which opened a new epoch in analgesiology. This is, indeed, the first authentic and comprehensive textbook encompassing the current knowledge on this novel approach to pain relief. We are indebted to the authors for introducing the new opioids to regional analgesia with the scientists, who developed the potent short and ultrashort acting opioids with high therapeutic indices, which many researchers dreamt about but never before materialized. The side effect liabilities of these new opioids are minute as compared to morphine and meperidine.
Regional Opioid Analgesia could not have been more authentically written than by Drs. De Castro,Zenz and Meynadier,who have conducted daily clinical investigations on all known opioids for regional analgesia as well as for neurolept analgesia. Therein lies the great value of this monograph: it is the most authentic work on this topic.
It was my good fortune to have met Dr. De Castro more than a quarter of a century ago. He gave me inspiration for hundreds of clinical investigations which benefited thousands of patients. From my personal acquaintance and visits with Dr. De Castro, I learned a great deal about his exceptional skills as a teacher. The text, tables and artistic figures of his own design unveil his genius as a didacta; an artist as well as a computer expert. Much of the educational material was organized and designed by the aid of his own computer in such a lucid way that the reader immediately grasps the essential correlations. Even clinicians not well versed in research can easily comprehend the basics of clinical pharmacology and pharmacokinetics of opioids, equipments and clinical applications. The monograph superbly fulfils its mission expressed in its subtitle.
Regional Opioid Analgesia ought to find its place on the shelves of all anaesthesia and hospital libraries, since it is not only the most up-to-date reference source for researchers and academicians but also is published at a time of great need for such a book. No doubt, clinicians who practice regional opioid analgesia will consult this monograph daily. The lucid and systematic presentation of the most extensive research information available on regional opioid analgesia will make this book the best reference book for clinicians of all disciplines for many years to come.

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