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The at a Glance series has served us well through our careers and we felt that it was time that the specialty of radiology was also given the at a Glance treatment. We present Radiology at a Glance in this classic style to help teach the basics of radiology in a simple and clear fashion. Since the GMC published ‘ Tomorrow ’ s Doctors ’ in 1993, medical schools have restructured their curricula to include clinically integrated teaching. This has meant detailed factual learning has been replaced with a more focused and clinically orientated medical course, including radiological images from the outset of the programme. With this in mind, we have also included radiological anatomy and covered conditions that regularly appear in medical school exams. These ‘ classic cases ’ are found in separate chapters allowing easy access for doctors on the wards.
We have written this book not only with medical students and junior doctors in mind, but trust that it will be a useful aid to students of radiography, nursing and physiotherapy, as well as other health professionals. We therefore hope it will be a valuable tool in gaining an understanding of the essentials of clinical radiology.
We would like to express our gratitude to all the consultants and teachers at Southampton General Hospital and to the Wessex Radiology Training Programme for their inspiration, meticulous teaching and expert guidance. We extend warm thanks to Professor Andy Adam for giving his precious seal of approval for this venture. We would also like to thank our publishers, in particular Ben Townsend and Laura Murphy, for showing such enthusiasm for all our ideas and turning them into reality. We would like to dedicate this book to our families who have supported us through this great experience. Finally, we thank all our readers for taking the time to read this book, and in return we hope you feel it was time well spent.

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