Psychiatry at a Glance 5th Edition PDF

Psychiatry at a Glance 5th Edition PDF

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We remain delighted at the continuing strong demand for Psychiatry at a Glance, which indicates that medical students, psychiatrists and GPs in training and other mental health professionals (as well as their trainers) continue to benefit from a concise summary of key practical information about the practice of psychiatry. We have enjoyed the opportunity to update and add to the text as well as thoroughly rethinking the illustrations for this fifth edition. We feel that this has very substantially enhanced the book’s utility.
We have also expanded the self-assessment component to meet the changing needs of students and practitioners preparing for exams. In addition, we now have a separate chapter on capacity and new material on mental health legislation across the UK and in Australia and New Zealand, for which we are indebted to Professor Valsamma Eapen and her colleagues. Overall the changes in both content and style have been substantial and we are confident that the new edition is not only factually up to date but also meets the needs of today’s readers. As we go to press, we are still awaiting the DSM-V and ICD-11 diagnostic systems. Though this has meant that we could not incorporate them fully, we have discussed anticipated changes where appropriate. We have also updated the further reading list, focusing on new reviews of key themes.
We remain hugely indebted to our team of trainees and subject experts who have very kindly reviewed the content of every chapter and provided invaluable feedback and suggestions, thus helping us to ensure that Psychiatry at a Glance reflects best current practice. These include Professors Abou-Saleh, Christodoulou, Cottrell, Eapen, Farrell, Fineberg, Howard, King, Livingston, Rihmer, Schmidt, Scott and Taylor, and Drs Allen, Azim, Balamurali, Becker, Camden, Cirota, Collier, Crome, Dein, Graham, Hassiotis, Hopley, Killaspy, Kumar, Macrae, Maserumule, Mashele, Mondlana, Owens, Pickard, Ring, Shelley, Shergill, Tobiansky, Turner, van Heyningen, Walker and Young. As in previous editions, responsibility for any errors or inaccuracies remains entirely ours.

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