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Geriatric Psychiatry

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It has been eight years since the second edition of Principles and Practice of Geriatric Psychiatry was published. During this time there has been substantial progress in the science and practice of geriatric psychiatry. This third edition attempts to capture these advances and provide an up-to-date summary for trainees and practitioners.
Two of the Editors of the previous editions, John R M Copeland and Dan G Blazer, decided to withdraw and two new Editors (one from the UK and one from the US) have been recruited. We wish first of all to express our grateful thanks to John and Dan for their remarkable stewardship over the production of the two previous editions. We would also like to acknowledge the invaluable contribution of the six Associate Editors in bringing this third edition to completion.
The previous edition received good reviews as well as some helpful criticisms. We therefore decided to maintain the textbook’s overall scope, structure, headings, list of contents and international authorship. The majority of the textbook’s chapters have been updated by the original authors. We have, however, recruited several new authors who are internationally recognized experts in their fields and commissioned substantial completely new material.
We believe that the value and the strengths of this textbook rest in its comprehensive coverage of the basic and clinical sciences of normal and abnormal ageing, of the full range of psychiatric disorders in the elderly, and of the organization of psychogeriatric services in the UK and the US as well as chapters on prevention, training and education.
We hope that this third edition is well received by its readers and that it proves to be a useful and readable way for them to update their knowledge of the science and practice of geriatric psychiatry.

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