Prescribing at a Glance PDF

Prescribing at a Glance PDF

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Prescribing is a core skill for all doctors, and increasingly for non-medical staff. It is a difficult skill to learn. A great deal of attention has been paid to prescribing skills in recent times, and the new Prescribing Safety Assessment has focussed minds on ensuring that new graduates are ready to prescribe safely. I hope that this book will be helpful to students and doctors learning to prescribe. As with many skills, practice is essential, and you should take every opportunity to plan the exact prescription of a drug for patients that you see. Prescribing Scenarios at a Glance provides useful practical examples to work through that are referenced within this text. This book has been written with new graduates embarking on the Foundation Programme in mind, and therefore focuses on mainly hospital-related prescribing; however, many of the principles extend to primary care situations. A highly practical approach has been taken, but will not describe all possible ways to look at a prescribing problem. Seek out the advice of experienced colleagues, whether doctors, nurses or pharmacists, who can provide guidance to the novice prescriber.

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