Practical Medical Procedures at a Glance 1st Edition PDF

Practical Medical Procedures at a Glance 1st Edition PDF

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Practical procedures are an integral part of many clinical encounters. They are a mainstay of good clinical care. Accordingly, regulatory bodies such as the General Medical Council now require procedures to be formally recognised and assessed as a prerequisite to gaining full registration.
The intention of this book is to provide a resource to help guide in the safe and effective acquisition of these skills. It is intended to supplement the teaching provided by a multitude of experienced clinicians – the doctors, nurses, site practitioners, professors, medical school tutors and lecturers – not to replace it. Each skill or procedure possesses protocols specific to each Healthcare Trust or region of practice which, of course, must be adhered to first and foremost. The online representations of the procedures are included to help readers understand the practical aspects of the procedures – but, as with any skill, there is no replacement for repetition.
The suggested further reading and references are included as they have been consulted in the writing of this book, and they are valuable resources to further expand upon its contents.

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