Pocket Atlas of Sectional Anatomy 3rd Edition Volume 1 PDF

Pocket Atlas of Sectional Anatomy 3rd Edition Volume 1 PDF

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This book presents the basic anatomy needed to interpret modern sectional images.
In making a diagnosis from sectional images, even experienced diagnosticians must adapt their thinking to the sectional portrayal of anatomic features. The Pocket Atlas of Sectional Anatomy aims to facilitate this process by presenting the two modalities that have the greatest practical importance in modern sectional imaging: computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging.
The importance of these modalities rests partly on their high resolution. So many of the images were produced with 3-tesla instruments.We wish to express our gratitude to the manufacturers, Siemens and Philips. We have attempted to provide vivid, comprehensive coverage of sectional anatomic details while still making the book compact and easy to use. The four-color illustrations were considered an essential part of this goal to maintain clarity despite the quantity of information.
The contents of the three volumes (I: Head and Neck, II: Chest and Abdomen, and III: Musculoskeletal System), which comprise a unit, follow a strict format in which each CT or MR image is accompanied by a correlative color diagram and a reduced-scale schematic drawing indicating the level of the section. This format conveys maximum information in a minimum of space.
All the images were obtained in patients or volunteers. We wish to express our special gratitude for the production of the images to our radiolologic technologists, Monika Baumann, Silke Koehl, Sabine Mattil, Stefanie Mueller, Heike Philippi, Brigitte Schild, and Petra Weber, as well as to Birgit Reuter and Marion Hellinger from the Siemens manufacturing center.We sincerely thank our fellow physicians, Nadine Dillinger, Heike Ringling, Sigrid Roth, and especially Simone Zenner, for their helpful discussions and suggestions.

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