Pictorial Anatomy of the Human Figure PDF

Pictorial Anatomy of the Human Figure PDF

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In the course of years, countless books on anatomy have been written. Some of them touch the outer surface in one fashion or another, some are skin deep, some go as deep as the bones, even the marrow. The question arises: Of all the expositions — detailed or sketchy — what is of practical use for the contemporary painter? I say “contemporary painter” advisedly, for the discipline of anatomy means different things to us from what it meant to the men who established the science five centuries ago. To the early Renaissance masters, the pursuit of studies in the field of anatomy — and perspective as well — was a creative act. Charting the course of every muscle and sinew and discovering its function was of great importance to these masters; it is not of the same concern to us, at least not to the painter.
The practicing painter’s needs as regards the knowledge of anatomy — expressed in a detailed catalogue of outer and inner muscles and bones — are comparatively limited. This is not to say that an excess of knowledge could handicap or could even be harmful to anyone, unless the student got to the point that he couldn’t see the woods for the trees.

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