Photographic Regional Atlas of Bone Disease PDF – A Guide to Pathologic and Normal Variations in the Human Skeleton

Photographic Regional Atlas of Bone Disease PDF

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Enthusiasm. The most motivating force in a student is enthusiasm. Many bring it with them, already on fire for their particular area of interest. Most though are infected with it by their instructors and fellow students as a sense of discovery, for advancement and competency develops. Enthusiasm dwarfs things petty to science; egos, attitudes, personal agendas, and the like. It creates an aura of academic purity, an environment without fear where “we” is paramount, and “I” becomes a measure of capacity, not importance. It is a time where we can be smart together and we can be dumb together without pride or fear.
Cultivating enthusiasm is one of the hardest tasks for an educator, especially in students just entering an area of study. Many disciplines have their own language, because it requires precisely defined concepts to advance the field. The introductory student needs to acquire some of this to be facile in developing his/her knowledge and thinking, but too much can intimidate and dampen enthusiasm. The educator, well versed in terminology, needs to introduce his/her topic in the language of the layman in order to assure communication. This latter is not an easy task because precision of concept suffers.
It is a bold step then for any introductory text to be written especially for the entering student. Colleagues who have already achieved their knowledge base can always be critical of the authors’ license and charge oversimplification; and in part will always be right. My reply is that I’ve rarely found reference books to have a well-thumbed appearance. If I have to choose between precision and enthusiasm for the new student, it will always be enthusiasm! If the fire gets stoked, the opportunity for full potential is achieved.

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