Pediatrics Recall 4th Edition PDF

Pediatrics Recall 4th Edition PDF

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Pediatrics Recall provides information in a concise question-and-answer format, which allows easy access to material that is essential for medical students during their third-year clinical clerkships in pediatrics. The book covers basic issues in neonatal and pediatric fluid management, blood products, nutrition, emergencies, growth, and intensive care. In addition, an entire chapter is devoted to issues relating to the adolescent patient. Disease entities are organized into chapters according to the systems involved. Descriptions of the individual diseases include signs, symptoms, essentials of pathophysiology, treatments, and possible outcomes. Students may use the question-andanswer format to work through each condition from presentation and diagnosis to therapy and outcome.
Pediatrics Recall is not intended to be used as a primary text. Rather, it allows students to review essential information in an efficient format that is designed to facilitate retention.
Changes in the fourth edition of Pediatrics Recall include added disease entities as well as new terminology, techniques, and insights that have evolved in the field of pediatrics since the third edition was published. It also reflects input from students, residents, community physicians, and pediatric generalists and specialists in both the primary writing and review of the text. We hope that this book is useful to you and we welcome your suggestions.

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