Pediatric Imaging The Fundamentals (Fundamentals of Radiology) 1st Edition PDF

Pediatric Imaging

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I know that as a resident, I retained more useful information when I read short and basic books over and over than when I read longer, more detailed texts once. The intention of this book is to serve as a basic introductory text on pediatric imaging. The book is written in prose, rather than as an outline, and is intended to be readable. The emphasis is on commonly encountered imaging scenarios and pediatric diseases. The topics included reflect questions that I am commonly asked by residents on the pediatric radiology service, important issues that the rotating residents often seem not to know about, and commonly made mistakes. The book is intended to serve as an excellent introduction or review for a resident or medical student who is about to begin a rotation in pediatric radiology or prepare for radiology oral boards. This book may also serve as a review for a general radiologist who wishes to brush up on pediatric radiology. Pediatric residents or pediatricians who want to learn more about pediatric radiology may also benefit from reading this book.

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