Pediatric Anesthesia Manual 2007 2nd Edition PDF

Pediatric Anesthesia Manual 2007 2nd Edition PDF

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The purpose of the pediatric anesthesia rotation is to provide an initial exposure to a variety of pediatric cases. The length of this rotation, 4 weeks, is enough to allow participation in the care of about 100 patients. Residents on this rotation should be able to develop skills for setting up OR’s for pediatric patients of different ages and should master skills in mask ventilation and intubation of pediatric patients including neonates. Topics for discussion should include neonatal emergencies, pediatric airways, ENT cases, general surgical cases, and questions from written and oral boards. One of the goals of this rotation is to prepare residents for routine “bread and butter” cases, to be safe with pediatric patients, and to be able to identify situations in which he or she might need help.


OR set up for pediatric cases
Preoperative evaluation
Equipment, monitoring and set up
Fluids, electrolytes and transfusion therapy
Emergence and recovery
Newborn physiology and development
Anesthesia for otolaryngology surgery
Anesthesia for ophthalmic surgery
Anesthesia for children with musculoskeletal disorders
Anesthesia for children with congenital heart disease
Anesthetic management children with hematologic and oncologic disorder
Delivery room resuscitation
Anesthesia and sedation outside of OR (new)
Anesthesia for ambulatory surgery in children (new)
Pediatric pain management (new)
Written exam questions
Oral exam questions

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