Pathophysiology PreTest Self-Assessment and Review 2nd Edition PDF

Pathophysiology PreTest Self-Assessment and Review 2nd Edition PDF

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Testing your knowledge by answering the pathophysiology questions in this book serves as a competition in which you compete against yourself for the satisfaction of doing well. It’s a great feeling when you know the answers to difficult medical questions. It reflects well on your ability to learn the material in medical school, and it’s a signal that you’re prepared for the certifying examinations. This competition also can increase your knowledge base, as any competition sharpens your skills. That is an important part of testing ourselves. When we don’t know an answer, it’s an opportunity to look it up in a “big book” of internal medicine and improve our understanding of the topic. Each answer includes a reference to that answer, as a starting point for reading more about the topic. Although knowing the answer to any individual question provides some measure of satisfaction, it does not, and should not, represent a stopping point. Importantly, it should encourage you to read further so that you can easily answer questions from any point of view on that topic.

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