Pain Medicine An Essential Review PDF

Pain Medicine An Essential Review PDF

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Written by residents, fellows, and attending staff, the book provides practical and concise information for pain medicine. The inception of the idea of the book came due to the limited references available that concisely summarize pertinent topics that are frequently encountered in the field of pain medicine. Pain medicine is a diverse field with an expansive breadth of knowledge required.
Pharmacology, physical examination, radiology, anatomy, neurology, and psychiatry all have to be incorporated seamlessly to be an effective pain physician. For new graduates, there are a multitude of materials available from many different sources to cover everything from imaging to pharmacology. Because there is not one concise textbook available, new graduates often find themselves resorting to Internet searches to answer simple questions as “what is the CPT code for a trigger point injection?”
Our purpose in writing this textbook is to create an easy to read yet comprehensive resource for new graduates, providing clinical pearls and practical information for the aforementioned variety of topics.

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