Oxford Handbook of Occupational Health CHM

Oxford Handbook of Occupational Health

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This newcomer to the handbook series is the first to cover the field of occupational health (OH). It is aimed primarily at occupational health doctors and nurses. This includes general practitioners (GPs) who practice OH on a sessional basis, providing services in a specialty where trained occupational physicians are in short supply. All topics are intended to have sufficient detail for trainees in OH to use for examination preparation. Bearing in mind the multidisciplinary audience of OH professionals, some of the material is also suitable for non-clinical members of the occupational health and safety team.

Dividing such a broad-based specialty into stand-alone pages, in line with the handbook style, has been quite a challenge! Twelve sections cover six main areas: occupational hazards, occupational diseases, OH practice, specialist disciplines, practical procedures, and emergencies. We have tried to make the book work as a ‘quick look-up’ tool (particularly for specific hazards and diseases), but also to give a structured overview of some important generic aspects of service provision and the legal framework. Of course, OH law is country specific, and it has been impossible to maintain global relevance. Therefore our emphasis is on UK legislation, with some reference to European guidance. The specialist chapters (occupational hygiene, toxicology, epidemiology, environmental medicine, and safety science) give an overview rather than an in-depth account of each discipline. They aim to give the practicing OH professional an overall approach to problem-solving, helping to identify the need for (and interpretation of) specialist advice. The inevitable overlap between topics has been minimized by cross-referencing other pages in the handbook, but we have deliberately allowed limited duplication where this avoids excessive ‘flitting’ between pages. Evidence-based and other important guidance is signposted, including web references where possible.

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