Oxford Desk Reference Rheumatology PDF


Oxford Desk Reference Rheumatology PDF

Oxford Desk Reference Rheumatology PDF

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Rheumatology covers a very broad range of conditions ranging from soft tissue rheumatology, through the infl ammatory arthritides to complex multi system disease.
Our aim in writing this volume is to provide easily accessible and practical information in a single desk-sized book. We aim to help the specialist rheumatologist with the diagnosis and management of these problems. We emphasize the clinical presentations of these conditions, approaches to investigation and diagnosis, and up to date management. Treatment protocols, where ever possible, are evidence-based and we provide the evidence base for the use of drug therapy. We hope that the information provided, will help the clinician in managing patients and thus reduce the impact of these diseases.
We are grateful for the long suffering support of our families during the writing of this book.

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