Oxford Desk Reference Nephrology PDF

Oxford Desk Reference Nephrology PDF

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In this era of evidence-based medicine, one of the biggest challenges confronting clinicians is keeping abreast with often rapidly changing recommendations that guide clinical practice. While it is clearly helpful to have research-based guidelines and protocols to draw upon it is not always easy to access this information, particularly at the time when it is needed most, such as on a ward round or in a busy outpatient clinic. These evidence-based guidelines, produced by national organizations (The Renal Association, British Hypertension Society, National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) and international organizations (International Society of Nephrology, National Kidney Federation – KDOQI) are often found in a variety of locations and published media and therefore timely access is not always possible.
To overcome this problem we have aimed to produce a comprehensive textbook of nephrology which focuses on aspects of renal disease that are important to the clinician. The book brings together the key recommendations found in current evidence-based guidelines and presents them in a uniform and accessible format. It has been designed and written so that locating information is both quick and simple, and the layout of the chapters allows the reader to identify and assimilate information rapidly.
The book is aimed at clinicians with a specialist interest in Nephrology (including consultants and specialist trainees in Nephrology) but it should also prove to be a valuable resource for any generalists who encounter a nephrological problem in their day-to-day practice.

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