Oxford Case Histories in Rheumatology PDF

Oxford Case Histories in Rheumatology PDF

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This book contains a series of case histories that the authors have encountered in the Oxford region. The purpose of the cases is to provide trainees, and indeed all practitioners in rheumatology, with clinical scenarios and an evidenced approach to answering questions raised by the cases. It is hoped that the book will be useful for training as well as in preparation for exit examinations. The book may also be helpful for rheumatologists in their re-validation. General medical trainees might find it useful in preparation for MRCP and PACES.
Many of the cases require clinical judgement in the approach to the management decisions and questions. The authors have expressed their views and hope that you generally agree! The cases cover inflammatory joint and connective tissue disease, paediatric rheumatology, sports and exercise medicine, and metabolic bone disease. Some of the cases include acute presentations and others are more chronic musculoskeletal and mechanical problems where there are dilemmas in clinical practice.
The authors have used the format of case reports, with detailed discussions of differential diagnosis and management, for three reasons. First, one of the best ways to learn advanced clinical medicine is through the analysis of individual cases. In almost all areas of medicine it is extremely difficult to illustrate the practical process of diagnosis within the format of a traditional textbook. Secondly, it is simply more interesting to consider real cases than to read a text. This allows a clinician to reflect on their own differential diagnosis and treatment. Finally, there is a lack of case series that stretch the abilities of experienced clinicians and specialists: most are aimed at medical students or young doctors doing early postgraduate exams. It is for this reason that the cases and questions are sometimes challenging, although many are simple since the aim is to educate. Wherever possible radiology and clinical pictures have been included.
The authors would like to thank their colleagues, including those allied to medicine, for contributing cases and providing illustrations or administrative support. The clinicians who contributed cases are listed in the Acknowledgements.

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