Oxford American Handbook of Geriatric Medicine PDF

Oxford American Handbook of Geriatric Medicine PDF

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Since medical school, I have been a fan of medical handbooks. I like their feel—durable, portable, and readily available. I like the idea they convey, providing expert information boiled down to its essence, yet reliable and proven in the field. A good handbook becomes essential to its user. Its pages become well-thumbed. Its spine acquires a structural memory, opening easily to frequently consulted chapters that correspond to real patient-care experiences at the bedside and office. In creating the Oxford American Handbook of Geriatric Medicine , I believe that the publisher and authors have succeeded admirably in creating just such a resource. Collectively, the authors, all colleagues with whom I’ve worked, have amassed centuries of experience taking care of older adults and thinking about aging. Their expertise comes through clearly.
However, there is something subtler that I have challenged the authors to convey and I hope the reader detects. That is one of tone. The art of geriatric medicine requires competent knowledge and diagnostic skill, certainly, but as much as any specialty, perhaps even more so, it requires a gentle professional temperament, one that is imbued with patience, humility, and wisdom. These are characteristics of the seasoned geriatrician, but are within the grasp of the physician-in-training: patience to listen and be present for the patient; humility to know the limits of scientific and personal knowledge and to respect the patient’s self-knowledge; and wisdom to balance competing priorities and see the patient as an individual with unique needs and perspective.
This Handbook is intended to be wedded to these attributes and refreshed by reflection on experience. It is my hope that the physician-in-training will use this resource and follow this path to humane, high-quality medical care of the geriatric patient.

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