Oxford American Handbook of Endocrinology and Diabetes PDF

Oxford American Handbook of Endocrinology and Diabetes PDF

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In this era of rapid electronic transfer of medical information, the question is often posed: “Do we need textbooks anymore, as by the time they are printed much of the information is outdated?” This question is best answered by this publication, which offers the reader current, practical, clinical evidence–based information that will benefit patients with endocrine and metabolic disease. This handbook is not meant to be a fully comprehensive tome but to act as a quick and easily accessible source of information.
While we have endeavored to include material that is as current as possible, the many advances occurring in the field of endocrinology and diabetes made this a daunting task. This meant including emerging advances in translational research, molecular biology, genomics, diagnostic tests, and therapies without sacrificing clinical presentations.
Our expert colleagues, to whom we as co-editors are eternally indebted and who are too numerous to mention individually, have devoted a considerable amount of time to ensuring the provision of the most relevant information in a very readable fashion. They accepted their assignments with grace and a willingness to participate, which made our task as editors so much easier. We are certain that the reader will enjoy this U.S. version of the Oxford Handbook of Endocrinology and Diabetes and apply this to their clinical practice.
We thank the authors of the original British edition, Helen E. Turner and John A.H. Wass. We also thank the editorial staff of the Oxford University Press for their professional assistance.

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