Oncology Lecture Notes 2nd Edition PDF

Oncology Lecture Notes 2nd Edition PDF

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We are delighted that Lecture Notes: Oncology has progressed to a second edition, returning by popular demand with an updated format, enormous revisions and a few poor jokes.
The last decade has seen tremendous changes in oncology, with marvellous developments in targeted therapies, based on an understanding of the molecular biology of cancer. We are at a stage in oncology where death rates have fallen in many cancers, and where the survival for patients with metastatic disease has, in many instances, doubled. Cancer doctors used to proudly talk about curing a small minority of tumours such as lymphoma, leukaemia, choriocarcinoma and testicular cancer, but currently this shortlist of survivable cancers has increased, providing optimism in oncologists and delight in patients.
Oncology involves an understanding of the processes that lead to the development of malignant disease, and this understanding has led Medicine by its nose to the frontiers of science. These are exhilarating times to be an oncologist and we hope that the reader of this book enjoys our efforts to convey our excitement in oncology.

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lecture notes oncology 2nd edition pdf
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