Obstetric Anesthesia 1st Edition PDF

Obstetric Anesthesia 1st Edition PDF

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Obstetric Anesthesia is a definitive, comprehensive and yet easily navigated reference for all anesthesia practitioners caring for parturients. With chapters written by Harvard anesthesia residents and fellows, it has been carefully edited and updated by faculty mentors and reflects the practice at our affiliated institutions.
The formatting was designed to offer rapid access to information, and thus is suited as a convenient reference on the labor floor. The first section focuses on the pharmacology, physiology and delivery of anesthesia as they relate to pregnancy. The second section offers both medical theory, as well as practical steps for the management of patients with co-existing disease (relevant physiology, pathology, obstetric management and anesthetic management). The third section focuses on the management of obstetric emergencies (physiology, pathology, step-by-step management and potential complications). We also include sections on anesthesia for non-delivery surgery and strategies for managing adverse outcomes such as neurologic complications and risk management. Finally, the book includes a detailed formulary ofcommonmedications,emphasizing indications, contraindications, and maternal and fetal effects of the drugs.
Obstetric Anesthesia is the result of a huge collaborative effort involving our trainees and our faculty colleagues.We thank the authors for their hard work and the contagious enthusiasm that they brought to the task. Indeed, it is working in this wonderful
community that makes our clinical and teaching jobs so rewarding; thus it was not surprising that this writing project, too, was stimulating and enjoyable. This book is a reflection of the intellectual curiosity, high standards and dedication to patient care that characterize this amazing team.

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