Non-Neoplastic Liver Pathology PDF – A Pathologist’s Survival Guide

Non-Neoplastic Liver Pathology PDF – A Pathologist’s Survival Guide

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When I made the decision to pursue fellowship training in gastrointestinal pathology, I had only one major concern. The tubular gut itself appeared relatively straightforward, and even the pancreatobiliary tract seemed eventually tameable. Non-neoplastic liver pathology, however, struck me as a daunting and scary enigma. The small biopsy sample sizes, the importance of subtle findings, and the expansive differential diagnoses requiring advanced levels of clinicopathologic correlation quickly led me to respect liver disease – and to fear it during residency and the first few months of my fellowship. I would not consider my fears unfounded; whenever I pull a textbook (or three) off the shelf to assist me in signing out a case or confirming a suspicion, the case is very likely to be a medical liver biopsy. (I am fairly certain that I was not alone in my initial apprehension, nor am I currently alone in having a few liver textbooks close at hand.)
When first reading this text’s “sister” book, Inflammatory Dermatopathology : A Pathologist ’ s Survival Guide by Steven D. Billings and Jenny Cotton, I realized that, while there are many excellent textbooks of liver pathology available, I felt that none of them truly focused their entire length on turning morphologic changes into a narrow differential diagnosis. Such a tome would have been invaluable to me during those early days when I was first learning and struggling to interpret liver specimens, and I have kept this concept in mind while writing this book. Its goal is not to teach everything about liver pathology or to be a comprehensive source of information. Rather, this book is aimed at non expert physicians “learning the ropes” about interpreting liver samples, whether they be mystified pathology residents, practicing surgical pathologists without fellowship-level hepatopathology training, or hepatologists interested in studying their patients’ biopsy material.

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