Netters Essential Physiology PDF

Netters Essential Physiology PDF

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Human physiology is the study of the functions of our bodies at all levels: whole organism, systems, organs, tissues, cells, and physical and chemical processes. Physiology is a complex science, incorporating concepts and principles from biology, chemistry, biochemistry, and physics; and often, a true appreciation of physiological concepts requires multiple learning modalities, beyond standard texts or lectures. This book, Netter’s Essential Physiology, has been prepared with this in mind. Its generous illustrations and concise, bulleted, and highlighted text are designed to draw the student in, to focus the student’s efforts on understanding the essential aspects of difficult concepts. It is intended not to be a detailed reference book, but rather a guide to learning the essentials of the field, in conjunction with classroom work and other texts when necessary.
This book is organized in the classical order in which subdisciplines of physiology are taught. Beginning with fluid compartments, transport mechanisms, and cell physiology, it progresses through neurophysiology, cardiovascular physiology, the respiratory system, renal physiology, the gastrointestinal system, and endocrinology. It is ideal for the visual learner. Each section is thoroughly illustrated with the great drawings of the late Frank Netter as well as the more recent, beautiful work of Carlos Machado, John Craig, and James Perkins.
Recognizing that physiology, cell biology, and anatomy go hand in hand in the modern, integrated curriculum of many institutions, we have included more than the usual number of illustrations relevant to anatomy and histology. By reading the text, studying the illustrations, and taking advantage of the review questions, the student will become familiar with the important concepts in each subdiscipline and gain the essential knowledge required in medical, dental, upper level undergraduate, or nursing courses in human physiology.

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