MRI at a Glance – Catherine Westbrook – 2nd Edition PDF


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MRI at Glance is one of a series of books that presents complex information in an easily accessible format. This series has become famous for its concise text and clear diagrams. Since the first edition of MRI at a Glance was published, the series has been updated to include colour diagrams and a new layout with text on one page and diagrams relating to the text on the opposite page. In this way all the information on a particular topic is summarized so that the reader has the essential points at their fingertips.
The second edition has been updated to reflect the new layout of the series as a whole. Colour diagrams are now included and I have updated the text to incorporate more detail on topics such as K space (which now includes the famous Chest of Drawers analogy) and other developments like parallel imaging, EPI and diffusion. Each topic is presented on two pages for easy reference and large subjects have been broken down into smaller sections. I have included simple explanations, analogies, bulleted lists, tables and plenty of images to aid the understanding of each topic. There are also appendices on acronyms, abbreviations and artefacts. The glossary has also been significantly expanded.
This book is intended to provide a concise overview of essential facts for revision purposes and for those very new to MRI. For more detailed explanations the reader is directed to MRI in Practice and Handbook of MRI Technique. Indeed the diagrams and images in this book are taken from these other texts and MRI at a Glance is intended to compliment them.

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