Mosby’s Comprehensive Review of Radiography 7th Edition PDF

Mosby's Comprehensive Review of Radiography 7th Edition PDF

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Completely updated for the latest certification exam specifications, Mosby’s Comprehensive Review of Radiography is designed for students as a study guide throughout their radiography education and as a review book as they prepare to take the Registry examination.
Part I begins right where students need to begin, guiding them through an assessment of their study skills and time management, both critical to success in the radiography program and reviewing. The complete topic outline of the radiography exam administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) is provided to help students visualize the breadth of information they need to master. Tips on answering questions ensure that students will be able to manage the styles of questions they will encounter on the ARRT exam.
The highlight of Part I is a comprehensive review, in outline form, of the major content areas covered on the ARRT exam in radiography. Each content review is followed by a set of 100 questions related specifically to that topic. After students have reviewed all subject areas, they are ready to take the three 200-question challenge tests in Chapter 6. All questions are written in formats used by the ARRT. Answers and rationales for the review questions and challenge tests are provided in the appendix.
To prepare students to master the material and be fully prepared for the Registry exam, the Evolve website that accompanies the text provides hundreds of additional questions based on the Registry exam content outline and written in formats used by the ARRT.
Unlike other review books, Mosby’s Comprehensive Review of Radiography also serves students as a career planner. Part II, Career Planning, provides students the opportunity to inventory their interests and set goals for professional development. It gives suggestions for satisfying professional continuing education requirements. Valuable information and resources on radiologic specialties and academic degrees are presented to further assist students with career planning. Part II also offers examples of actual resumes and important information and tips on interviewing. To further ease the transition into the health care workplace, Part II describes employer expectations in detail. No other book provides all of this valuable information to help students make the transition into their careers as practicing radiographers.

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