MKSAP 17 Hematology and Oncology PDF

MKSAP 17 Hematology and Oncology PDF

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In these pages, you will find updated information on hematopoietic stem cell disorders, multiple myeloma, bleeding disorders, hematologic issues in pregnancy, and other hematologic topics. Also addressed are issues in oncology; breast, ovarian, and cervical cancers; gastroenterological malignancies; lung cancer; lymphoid malignancies; cancer of unknown primary site; melanoma; and other topics in oncology. The effects of cancer therapy and survivorship are discussed, as well. All of these topics are uniquely focused on the needs of generalists and subspecialists outside of hematology and oncology.
The publication of the 17’11 edition of Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program (MKSAP) represents nearly a half-century of serving as the gold-standard resource for internal medicine education. It also marks its evolution into an innovative learning system to better meet the changing educational needs and learning styles of all internists.
The core content of MKSAP has been developed as in previous editions-newly generated, essential information in 11 topic areas of internal medicine created by dozens of leading generalists and subspecialists and guided by certification and recertification requirements, emerging knowledge in the field, and user feedback. MKSAP 17 also contains 1200 all-new, psychometrically validated, and peer-reviewed multiple-choice questions (MCQs) for self-assessment and study, including 149 in Hematology and Oncology. MKSAP 17 continues to include High Value Care (HVC) recommendations, based on the concept of balancing clinical benefit with costs and harms, with links to MCQs that illustrate these principles. In addition, HVC Key Points are highlighted in the text. Also highlighted, with blue text, are Hospitalist-focused content and MCQs that directly address the learning needs of internists who work in the hospital setting.
MKSAP 17 Digital provides access to additional tools allowing you to customize your learning experience, including regular text
updates with practice-changing, new information and 200 new self-assessment questions; a board-style pretest to help direct your learning; and enhanced custom-quiz options. And, with MKSAP Complete, learners can access 1200 electronic flashcards for quick review of important concepts or review the updated and enhanced version of Virtual Dx , an image-based self-assessment tool.

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