Memmler’s Structure and Function of the Human Body 11th Edition PDF

Memmler’s Structure and Function of the Human Body 11th Edition PDF

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Memmler’s Structure and Function of the Human Body is a textbook for introductory-level health professions and nursing students who need a basic understanding of anatomy and physiology, and the interrelationships between structure and function.
Like preceding editions, the 11th edition remains true to Ruth Memmler’s original vision. The features and content specifically meet the needs of those who may be starting their health career preparation with little or no science background. This book’s primary goals are
– To provide the essential knowledge of human anatomy and physiology at an ideal level of detail and in language that is clear and understandable
– To illustrate the concepts discussed with anatomic art of appropriate detail with accuracy, simplicity, and style that is integrated seamlessly with the narrative
– To incorporate the most recent scientific findings into the fundamental material on which Ruth Memmler’s classic text is based
– To include pedagogy designed to enhance interest in and understanding of the concepts presented
– To teach the basic anatomic and medical terminology used in healthcare settings, preparing students to function efficiently in their chosen health careers
– To present an integrated teaching–learning package that includes all of the elements necessary for a successful learning experience
This revision is the direct result of in-depth market feedback solicited to tell us what instructors and students at this level most need. We listened carefully to the feedback, and the results we obtained are integrated into many features of this book and into the ancillary package accompanying it. The text itself has been revised and updated where needed to improve organization of the material and to reflect current scientific thought.
Because visual learning devices are so important to students, this new edition continues to include “The Body Visible,” a series of illustrations with labeled transparent overlays of the major body systems described in the text. In addition to being a learning and testing tool, these illustrations provide enrichment and are a valuable general reference.
The 11th edition retains its extensive art program with updated versions of figures from previous editions and many new figures. These features appear in a modified design that makes the content more user-friendly and accessible than ever. Our innovative ancillary package on the Point helps students match their learning styles to a wealth of resources, while the comprehensive package of instructor resources provides instructors with maximum flexibility and efficiency. The online Instructor’s Manual describes all of the updates in this new edition and presents teaching and learning strategies for traditional classrooms, flipped classrooms, and online courses.

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