Medical Statistics at a Glance Workbook PDF

Medical Statistics at a Glance Workbook PDF

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This workbook is a companion volume to the third edition of Medical Statistics at a Glance. Although primarily directed at undergraduate medical students preparing for statistics examinations, we believe that the workbook will also be of use to others
working in the biomedical disciplines who simply want to brush up on their analytical and interpretation skills (e.g. other medical researchers, postgraduates in the biomedical disciplines and pharmaceutical industry personnel). Our aim for this workbook is therefore for it to act as a revision aid, equip readers with the skills necessary to read and interpret the published literature and give them the confidence to tackle their own statistical analyses. Although designed as an accompanying text to Medical Statistics at a Glance, it is not indelibly linked to it and can be used as a standalone text or in conjunction with any reputable text on statistics.
We believe that the optimal way to learn statistics is to put the theory into practice by undertaking an analysis of a data set, but recognise that this may not always be practical. Instead, the use of carefully constructed exercises in a variety of formats can help to test and fully evaluate the reader’s understanding of the material (and identify any gaps that remain). As the At a Glance textbook presents information in a concise manner, there is limited space in it for worked examples and no room for exercises. Our workbook amends this insufficiency by providing an extensive set of questions, as well as templates for critical appraisal and descriptions of the statistical analyses of two data sets. Where possible, we have based questions on published studies in the medical and dental fields, and references are provided so that the reader may consult the original source material if interested.

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medical statistics at a glance workbook pdf
medical statistics at a glance text and workbook