Medical Sciences at a Glance Practice Workbook PDF

Medical Sciences at a Glance Practice Workbook PDF

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Examinations often have an overexposed role in our learning process. Preclinical medical examinations are no different: the sheer volume of detail in a range of subjects that covers seemingly theoretical and dry concepts makes many students wonder why they chose to read medicine.
At that stage the syllabus appears vast. Textbooks go into too much detail for the revision. Past examination papers may be available without answers. Increasingly, universities have question databases that they protect from students and their ability to share them instantaneously. Currently available published study materials are focused on membership examinations and finals, and few go into any depth explaining answers.
In this book we wanted to address these points. We know from experience that ultimately a core of facts, concepts and misunderstandings gets tested over and over again as you progress through your medical career. We have included as many of these ‘pearls’ as possible and provided each with a detailed answer, which will explain both the correct choice and the common pitfalls.
We strongly believe that the basic sciences are not just a group of facts to pass and to forget, but that they have real clinical applications. Although knowledge of clinical medicine and history taking is not required for this book, we have included small vignettes to bring concepts to life and to stimulate thought about the clinical relevance of each question.

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