Medical Sciences 2nd Edition PDF

Medical Sciences 2nd Edition PDF

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We were extremely pleas ed to be invited to compile a second edition of Medical Sciences. In the firs t edition, we tried to be scientifically comprehensive, but limit the amount of core information to focus on the facts that are relevant and important to clinical medicine. As this was the firs t time anyone had attempted to integrate information from the divers e branches of medical science in a book based on all the systems of the human body in health, and link it to clinical phenomena, we were mos t anxious to receive feedback both from students and faculty. While the students who kindly reviewed the first edition were extremely polite and complimentary, we believed that – while we achieved mos t of our aim – there were areas which could be improved. Some of the reviews by faculty members from different institutions confirmed this. Medical science has marched on in the past 5 years and this edition has been substantially updated, particularly in genetics. Some chapters have been completely re-written. Once again, we have tried to avoid chemical formulae and physical equations that medical students are unlikely to us e as future practitioners , while providing an understanding of the scientific processes that these relate to.
Some chapters include more clinical content than others, as clinical and information boxes. This is because those systems relate to more common, and therefore important, clinical conditions. The student, however, must never forget that uncommon and rare conditions do exist that affect the patient just as much, and are therefore equally important.
It was never an easy task to get the right balance between the basic and clinical sciences . Any feedback will be very much valued, and we sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading this book and find it useful throughout your studies .

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