Medical Masterclass Clinical Skills 2nd Edition PDF

Medical Masterclass Clinical Skills 2nd Edition PDF

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The second edition of Medical Masterclass is produced and published by the Education Department of the Royal College of Physicians of London. It comprises 12 textbooks, a companion interactive website and two CD-ROMs. Its aim is to help doctors in their first few years of training to improve their medical knowledge and skills; and in particular to (a) learn how to deal with patients who are acutely ill, and (b) pass postgraduate examinations, such as the MRCP(UK) or European Diploma in Internal Medicine.
The 12 textbooks are divided as follows: two cover the scientific background to medicine, one is devoted to general clinical skills [including specific guidance on exam technique for PACES, the practical assessment of clinical examination skills that is the final part of the MRCP(UK) exam], one deals with acute medicine and the other eight cover the range of medical specialties.
The core material of each of the medical specialties is dealt with in seven sections:
• Case histories – you are presented with letters of referral commonly received in each specialty and led through the ways in which the patients’ histories should be explored, and what should then follow in the way of investigation and/or treatment.
• Physical examination scenarios – these emphasise the logical analysis of physical signs and sensible clinical reasoning: ‘having found this, what would you do?’
• Communication and ethical scenarios – what are the difficult issues that commonly arise in each specialty? What do you actually say to the ‘frequently asked (but still very difficult) questions?’
• Acute presentations – what are the priorities if you are the doctor seeing the patient in the Emergency Department or the Medical Admissions Unit?
• Diseases and treatments – structured concise notes.
• Investigations and practical procedures – more short and to-the-point notes.
• Self assessment questions – in the form used in the MRCP(UK) Part 1 and Part 2 exams.

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