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Medical Genetics

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The first two editions have been quite successful, having been translated into Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Serbo-Croat, Korean, Italian and Russian. In keeping with this international readership, we stress clinical issues of particular relevance to the major ethnic groups, with information on relative disease allele frequencies in diverse populations. The second edition was awarded First Prize in the Medicine category of the 2008 British Medical Association Medical Book Competition Awards. In this third edition we aim to exceed previous standards.
Editions one and two presented information across all subject areas in order of the developing complexity of the whole field, so that a reader’s vocabulary, knowledge and understanding could progress on a broad front. That approach was popular with student reviewers, but their teachers commented on difficulty in accessing specific subject areas. The structure of this third edition has therefore been completely revised into subject-based sections, of which there are fourteen.
Three former introductory chapters have been combined and all other chapters revised and updated. In addition we have written seventeen new chapters and five new case studies, with illustrations to accompany the latter. New features include a comprehensively illustrated treatment of cardiac developmental pathology, a radically revised outline of cancer, a much extended review of biochemical genetics and outline descriptions of some of the most recent genomic diagnostic techniques.

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