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Medical Biochemistry

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This book has been prepared for students of undergraduate courses in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, laboratory medicine, physiotherapy, veterinary science, agriculture, biochemistry, genetics, microbiology, biotechnology, molecular biology, etc. The main purpose is to provide an understanding of the basic concepts in biochemistry and biotechnology which are required for them in a simple and interesting manner. Though there are a lot of books providing extensive knowledge of these subjects in the market , it has been observed that most of the students, especially from non-English speaking countries feel intimidated by the complexities of these subjects. Hence, this book is an endeavour to fulfil their needs. Care has been taken to explain various topics in as simple a language as possible, without compromising on the quality of the subject matter. The text is supported with clear diagrams. Students, who are appearing for various competitive exams, will find this book equally helpful. This book will also serve as a handy tool for teachers and postgraduate students.

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